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Acreages and Real Estate Taxes – 2019

Tracts Acreages Tax Amounts
Eldon Core 5,352 $39,546.29
Jobbers Mountain 232 550.42
Walden Mountain 961 5,114.38
Hazel River 557 3,393.77
Totals 7,102Acres $48,604.86

Summer calm at Eldon Stock Farm.

Climate and Precipitation

Seasons Average Day-Time High Temperatures Average Night-Time Low Temperatures
December – February 46°F 25°F
March – May 66°F 40°F
June – July 85°F 61°F
September – November 67°F 44°F

Quiet and rich afternoon.

Elevation Range

Eldon Stock Farm’s land rises from a base of about 650 feet up to about 1,200 feet above mean sea level.