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Buildings and Improvements

As previously mentioned, Eldon Stock Farm’s major improvements are situated in four locations. The homes and out-buildings are older but quite well maintained.

Clover Hill is being transformed into a modern communication center and is designed as a convenient place for hosting outdoor events.

Each compound was carefully chosen for their commanding viewscapes and enjoy attractive landscaping complemented by beautiful, mature trees.

The Farm’s singular value is in the land and fortunately the Lane Family never indulged in building enormous mansions. This wise constraint provides an outstanding opportunity for placement of a uniquely personal imprimatur upon this high, wide and handsome estate.

A gentle summer morning fog enveloping the Clover Hill Compound.

The gracious home in the Little Eldon Compound is surrounded by mature trees.

The backside of Little Eldon’s home.

Possessing a fine appreciation for Rappahannock’s history, the Lane Family restored and has maintained this authentic old home – a palace in its day.

Mountain View is the center of the Farm’s cattle operation.

The backside of the Mountain View home.

Magnificent panorama of the Blue Ridge Mountains from Mountain View.

Shingle Shanty Compound – nicely maintained also enjoys grand vistas.

Stable and support buildings at Shingle Shanty.

Aerial view of Clover Hill – the Farm’s business and communications center.

Brand new office – other than the historic foundation – at Clover Hill.

Clover Hill’s attractive countryside and old landmark silo.

Historic barn at Clover Hill – classic Virginia horse country architecture.