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Revenue Sources

When Originally Assembled by Bill Lane, Eldon Stock Farm enjoyed two streams of income – cattle sales and rental income from many older homes which dotted the expansive holding.

In this century the revenue base has been broadened and is presently comprise of four parts:

  • Cattle sales;
  • Tenant home rentals;
  • Selective hunting leases;
  • Managed select-cut timber harvests.

Two additional revenue streams are in development:

  • Environmental and eco-system banking; and
  • Agri-tourism and rural event rentals.

Cattle sales are stated below and discussed at length later. Tenant home rentals are derived from five homes (down from nearly twenty a decade ago), three of which (Little Eldon, Mountain View and Shingle Shanty) lease at a considerable premium above the local market.

Two hunting leases are presently in place and are renewed on a wholly optional year to year basis. The leases cover approximately two thirds of the holding, with the remaining lands reserved for employees and guests. One tract is offered to a neighbor for hunting on a reciprocal basis for other services received.

Eldon Stock Farm maintains a long-term timber management plan. Generallyspeaking,theheavilyforestedslopesandmountains are selectively logged on a twenty to thirty year rolling basis. Tract selection is based upon forest condition and all logging paths and roadways are carefully engineered to be of lasting value to the property afterwards.

The significantly-sized herd has been carefully developed.

For the past several years the Farm’s revenues have approximated the following amounts:

Cattle Operation $510,000 – Five Year Average
Timber Harvest 75,000
Hunting Club Leases 75,000
Tenant Home Rentals 125,000

Total $785,000