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Eldon Stock Farm is Perched On a Truly Singular Pedestal in the Eastern United States because of its extraordinary size and an unduplicated combination of historical value, almost next-door location to the world’s center of democracy, and active involvement in one of the Nation’s most admired and interesting enterprises – production of quality beef – not to mention its immeasurable recreational value.

Given today’s land prices and increasing competition for considerably smaller tracts by strong buyers, Bill Lane’s incredible feat will never be repeated.

Value is the subjective regard that something is deemed to deserve because of its importance or usefulness to the beholder. Worth is the monetary equivalent of something under consideration. Some possessions are more valuable than they are worth – this truth is most obviously and consistently demonstrated in the global fine art and precious gemstone markets.

The Hope Diamond is a 45.52-carat national treasure estimated to be worth upwards of $300 million. It is held in perpetuity by the Smithsonian Institution – also never again to be duplicated or privately-owned.

Solitaire one-carat diamonds – priced at premium levels may command upwards of $50,000 each. It may be extrapolated that this remarkable stone is worth $2,276,000 by a conventional market appraisal approach – a mere fraction of its true value if this gem was ever available for purchase.

Given the absolute singularity, enormous size, and remarkable historicity of this renowned jewel – cut from an even larger stone in 1666 – there are any number of the world’s citizens who today would rapidly pay several billion dollars for the personal and highly subjective value of owning the Hope.

Considering Eldon Stock Farm’s previously described attributes, there really are no comparables. It rises significantly in value above the worth of other holdings which can be duplicated many times over.

Eldon’s productive elements, combined with its remarkably diverse and beautiful geographic sweeps, will add an enormous measure of enjoyment all inside one of the most important land empires remaining in the Eastern United States.

The fortunate successor who assumes the Farm’s scepter will experience great rewards – there is much yet to accomplish. It stands ready for further enhancement of wildlife resources, cattle herd improvement, and even thoughtful conservation of spectacular, unsullied landscapes not to be duplicated anywhere.

The next placement of a sensitive personal imprimatur on Eldon Stock Farm will contribute meaningfully to its storied history while continuing to preserve a large and notable piece of the Nation’s heritage springing from the inspired efforts of George Washington and his fellow Founding Fathers.