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The Land

Eldon Stock Farm Incredibly Encompasses Almost 7,100 Acres of stunningly beautiful and largely unsullied land situated in one of the most desirable locales along the Eastern Seaboard.

A private holding of this size – 11 square miles – is almost unheard of on the Eastern Seaboard of the United States. Here is a large untrammeled private preserve with many high points looking the amazing Shenandoah National Park right in the eye without high-powered Leica telephoto lenses or Swarovski binoculars. Only two miles separate some boundaries between Eldon and the Nation’s renowned and fourth most-visited public park.

While situated only 75 miles west of Washington, DC, the Farm is perfectly defined by the title of Thomas Hardy’s popular 1874 novel – Far From The Madding Crowd – which was set in the tapestry of England’s equally bucolic rural countryside.

Fortunately, Eldon Stock Farm is perimetered by paved highways, crossed by a few well-maintained but lightly traveled rural roads, and internally traversed on quiet tree-canopied farm roads and trails. This combination of access provides that always desirable and rarely found combination of “seclusion without isolation” in real estate.

The Farm’s land is a picturesque, colorful and always fascinating mosaic of productive fields, verdant pastures and healthy tree cover quantified approximately as follows:

Hay and Crops 250 Acres
Grass Pastures 3,150 Acres
Mixed Deciduous Trees 3,700 Acres

The Farm is self-sufficient.

These long pastures also support good numbers of white-tail deer which can high-tail it into great forest cover.

Eldon is also Graced by Attractive Stretches of Live Water, the Thornton River and White Walnut Run flow in the northern part of the Farm. Two branches of the Hazel River plus Blackwater Creek are the larger streams in the southern portion. Many un-named springs and small creeks dot the landscape.

The viewscapes are truly remarkable – about 30% of land is elevated and provides long inspiring views of Shenandoah National Park and much of the Rappahannock. Notable high points moving from north to south on the Farm are:

Slaughter Mountain 1,087 Feet
Jobber’s Mountain 1,201 Feet
Rosser Mountain 985 Feet
Schoolhouse Mountain 960 Feet
Butler Mountain Ridge 860 Feet
Chancellor Mountain 915 Feet
Walden Mountain 900 Feet
Grindstone Mountain 945 Feet

Nothing soothes the souls of mankind like the sound and vitality of live water.

With such diverse topography, the Farm’s internal scenery is also spectacular and very enjoyable for hiking, mountain biking, riding horse-back, touring on ATVs or in Land Rovers, or stalking afoot wily flocks of turkey and stealthy whitetail bucks.

The Rappahannock’s rolling and mostly open terrain is considered some of Virginia’s better hunt country, Eldon Stock Farm’s vast tracts contain plenty of space for long, exhilarating hell-bent-for-election gallops!